Sitka to Juneau

In Alaska's vast and unspoiled wilderness, life moves at the rhythm of nature, where eagles soar above and whales glide beneath pristine waters. On this eight-day adventure, you'll see coastal communities, fjords, glaciers, icebergs, lighthouses, rainforest, wildlife, and more.


Please plan to arrive in Sitka, Alaska, the day before the trip departure. We suggest spending the night at the Westmark Sitka. If you'd like to spend an extra day before your trip on a sport fishing excursion, check out the stunning Island View Resort & Charters. 

Check out Ludvig's Bistro for dinner. Ludvig's is proud to offer fresh local seafood from Sitka's fishers, house-made bread, and desserts. They use organic ingredients from Sitka's Down-to-Earth Farms and Sitka Sound's own Alaska Pure Finishing Salt. On your way, take some time to browse through the art galleries and gift shops. A great selection of work by talented local artists is available.

Day 1

We'll depart from Eliason Harbor at 10:00 am and sail through Salisbury Sound before reaching our destination in Kalinin Bay and Kruzof Island. We’ll take on the ambitious Sealion Cove Trail for a stunning hike through forests, alpine lakes, estuaries, and muskeg.

Eventually, we’ll arrive at a gorgeous soft sand beach on the Pacific Ocean—nature's art gallery! After several hours of capturing breathtaking sights, we'll return to Glacier Bear. An elegant dinner and peace among serene surroundings conclude our day at our quiet anchorage in Kalinin Bay.

Day 2

Our journey today takes us through the dramatic Sergius Narrows, where Baranof and Chichagof Islands meet at Peril Strait. As we make our way to Lake Eva on Baranof Island in the afternoon, you can almost reach out and touch the shore.

A mere one hundred feet away, a gentle forest passes by. And for our evening reprieve? We cozy up with nature's beauty at our Hannus Bay anchorage!

Day 3

This morning we set sail on a journey of discovery, heading south into Chatham Strait. Our destination is Baranof Island and its small settlement within Warm Springs Bay. There lies the renowned public bathhouse that overlooks rushing waters from the nearby waterfall and hot springs.

If you take the boardwalk further and explore this natural paradise, you’ll arrive at tranquil Baranof Lake, an unforgettable experience with its serene atmosphere.

Day 4

Embarking at 8:00 am, we set out for Frederick Sound. Along the way, soaring cliffs of Red Bluff Bay line our starboard side.  Leaving Chatham Strait, we sail eastward into Frederick Sound towards Murder Cove, where treacherous waters encircle Admiralty Island's southern coast.

As day fades into evening, Glacier Bear docks in Scenery Cove with anticipation that heightens as we disembark for an adventure-filled hike before dinner. The feeling while ashore is one of excitement and danger.

Day 5

Today, we embark on a scenic journey to Alaska's Ford’s Terror Wilderness. Along the way, we’ll pause at a small islet near The Brothers and marvel over its large colony of Stellar sea lions lounging atop rocky surfaces.

Soon our voyage resumes as we drift along Five Finger Islands Light. With two breathtaking fjords, Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm, Ford’s Terror beckons us.

We’ll arrive in time for slack tide at Wood Spit before peacefully entering Endicott Arm and anchoring in a small cove nestled within majestic beauty.

Day 6

Our day begins with a cruise into the majestic Endicott Arm, an awe-inspiring fjord surrounded by towering mountains. At its end lies Dawes Glacier, famous for its dazzling blue color and roaring calving columns of ice!

We’ll reverse our course in the afternoon, heading towards Sanford Cove near Sumdum Islands. Once home to a buzzing mining community, Sanford Cove is now long forgotten in quiet solitude, with scenic vistas of mountains, glaciers, and aquamarine waters.

We have a short cruise to our evening anchorage in No Name Cove. Dinner, drinks, and the hot tub await. We’ll drop anchor at No Name Cove around 8:00 pm.

Day 7

After a relaxed breakfast, Glacier Bear is underway once again. Today we’ll embark on an amazing journey of exploration through the magnificent Tracy Arm Fjord.

As we traverse between rocky cliffs, we marvel at the towering mountains and serene beauty that envelops us. The grand finale awaits as our expedition reaches Sawyer Glacier and its icy confines, before taking a U-turn and our reluctant journey toward civilization.

Our final anchorage is within Taku Harbor, once home to salmon canning factories and now cherished for its extraordinary natural harbor basin. The harbor is a safe respite for commercial fishing boats and small tour ships. 

Day 8

We’ll take a leisurely morning cruise back to the cozy town of Juneau. We'll journey north through Stephens Passage and moor at Aurora Harbor no later than noon. Don't miss this chance for an unforgettable adventure in Alaska's capital city.


Juneau is a stunning location with unparalleled natural beauty. With its diverse landscapes ranging from mountains and glaciers to forests, Juneau is a paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts while offering all the necessary attractions of a major city.

Juneau has it all, with great restaurants and bustling nightlife. Its cozy character provides options for a boutique shopping experience like no other. You'll be able to catch an Alaska Airlines flight from Juneau with connections to Seattle or Anchorage.

Sitka to Juneau

Although we have a carefully planned schedule, each trip may differ slightly due to wind, weather and tides, wildlife viewing opportunities, and participants' goals.

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