Field Guides

Navigating Alaska's tranquil waters and untouched wilderness requires a sense of adventure and insight into the intricate tapestry of the land and sea. Alaska Wilderness Charters has crafted field guides to inform you about the local fish species, wildlife, and the best locations for outdoor activities.

Alaska Wilderness Charters offers guided fishing, paddleboard, photography, and whale-watching trips in some of Alaska's most beautiful and remote areas. We provide all the necessary gear for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Your guide to Alaska

Whether you're a seasoned angler eager to reel in the catch of a lifetime, a wildlife photographer pursuing that perfect shot, or a paddling enthusiast searching for serenity, our field guides become your compass to untamed beauty. Embark on guided fishing expeditions, observe whales gliding gracefully by, or navigate the silent fjords by paddleboard—supported with our knowledgeable guides.