Juneau to Sitka

Alaska Wilderness Charters offers this eight-day itinerary from Juneau to Sitka. From awe-inspiring fjords to rocky headlands teeming with wildlife, ythis charter brings you face-to-face with nature in all its glory.


Plan to arrive in Juneau, Alaska, at least one day before our trip departure. We suggest staying at the Westmark Baranof Hotel or Four Points by Sheraton in downtown Juneau.

For a great dinner of fresh seafood, try the halibut, salmon, king crab, or black cod at the Twisted Fish Company on Franklin Street. On your way, take some time to browse through the art galleries and gift shops in Juneau. A great selection of work by talented local artists is available.

Day 1

We'll be sailing at 10:00 am from Aurora Harbor, then cruising south towards Gastineau Channel, passing by the magnificent cruise ships docked in Juneau.

Our voyage will continue through Stephens Passage before we stop at Taku Harbor. The harbors’ bowl-shape was once home to a bustling salmon cannery industry. Finally, we'll nestle safely within No Name Bay, a tranquil cove, and enjoy dinner!

Day 2

We pull up the anchor early and plot a course for adventure. Taking advantage of slack tide, our journey begins as we enter Endicott Arm. Once home to a thriving mining community, nearby Sanford Cove shares her secrets with us, and we marvel at her beauty.

From a distance, Ford’s Terror beckons us closer with promises of incredible sights. Our day ends near an exquisite waterfall overlooking the majestic Ford's Terror entrance, where evening brings restful anchorage beneath starry skies above this spectacular Alaskan landscape!

Day 3

We’re underway early to embark on a breathtaking journey as we set sail eastward through Endicott Arm, an awe-inspiring fjord that winds through soaring mountains. We are enchanted by its vibrant and icy blue beauty when we reach our destination at Dawes Glacier.

The Dawes Glacier is known for active calving! After admiring this jaw-dropping landscape, we’ll cruise back along the length of Endicott Arm until we reach a cozy sanctuary inside Holkham Bay.

Day 4

We begin today’s voyage by sailing past The Brothers—small little islands off the coast of Admiralty Island. Our departure from Endicott Arm's rocky promontory reveals an array of new sights as our journey continues.

By late afternoon, our anchorage in Scenery Cove awaits us. We'll take a leisurely hike in Pybus Bay before nightfall. It is certain to be an unforgettable experience with its foraging bears and serene atmosphere!

Day 5

After a leisurely start to the day, Glacier Bear is off on our next adventure. We'll cruise west through Frederick Sound and admire Admiralty Island's southern coast before crossing Chatham Strait towards our anchorage near Baranof WarmSprings.

We can enjoy a relaxing soak there with one of two options—at the public bathhouse or at communal hot springs, adjacent to a roaring waterfall. Then we’ll explore further along a tranquil boardwalk trail that takes us past local flora and fauna to gorgeous Baranof Lake.

Day 6

Today we're sailing to unexplored territories in the Alaska wilderness! We'll journey through Chatham Strait and Peril Strait, eventually reaching Lake Eva on Baranof Island.

Our afternoon is spent exploring Lake Eva on the northern shore of Baranof Island. As the sun sets behind us, we’ll look forward to spending a peaceful night anchored at Appleton Cove.

Day 7

Our journey through the wilderness of Alaska continues tomorrow, but first we'll enjoy an awe-inspiring cruise through Peril Strait and Salisbury Sound.

Upon reaching Kalinin Bay and Kruzof Island, we'll embrace our adventurous side with a challenging hike to Sealion Cove. This beautiful trail takes us deep into untouched forests and muskeg before arriving at a stunning soft sand beach on the Pacific Ocean—nature's art gallery!

After exploring this majestic landscape, we’ll return to Glacier Bear for one final night beneath a peaceful Alaskan sky.

Day 8

Today we conclude our adventure as we sail into the breathtaking Sitka Channel and dock at its downtown marina. Time permitting, we can admire myriad delightful puffins enroute, on St. Lazaria Island. Renowned for awe-inspiring views of lush forests that reach to meet serene island-dotted waters, Sitka is truly one Alaskan town you won't want to miss!


Sitka is a stunningly beautiful destination for travelers seeking breathtaking nature and new experiences. As much as Sitka offers culturally, it is hard to beat the outdoor adventure potential, featuring world-class fishing in picturesque bays and magical fjords! You can catch an Alaska Airlines flight from Sitka, connecting to Juneau or Seattle.

Juneau to Sitka

Although we have a carefully planned schedule, each trip may differ slightly due to wind, weather and tides, wildlife viewing opportunities, and participants' goals.

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