Alaska Journal

In Alaska's vast and unspoiled wilderness, life moves at the rhythm of nature, where eagles soar above and whales glide beneath pristine waters. This majestic land's untamed spirit comes into visceral focus through the words and images of trip participants.

From our trip blogger and photographer, journal stories about our Family/Group Charters, Fishing Charters, Paddleboard Adventures, and Photography Expeditions.

Tales of adventure

Author John Schnell channels his adventurous soul and photographer's eye for capturing images of Alaska's wildlife and landscapes. While a member of our team, he documented remarkable scenes amid the serene waters of The Last Frontier. In a series of recollections, John invites us on a journey woven with the intimate dance of light and shadow, and shares insightful moments—where paddling meets the profound stillness of Alaska's heart, and each image tells a story of connection with the formidable beauty of the wild.